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מציצה בפה - Halach Discussion

This complex issue discussed on this site is ONLY for discussion purposes.

The short version of this issue is to mention the position of various Gedolim and poskim.
The Rema in YD 265 implies that the minhag yisroel was to perform 'metzitza bpeh'.

There was a respected Talmud chacham that asked the Chasam Sofer at a time that there Was a plague which attacked the skin of the Milah and many children died due to this Illness. The doctors at that time concluded that it was because of מציצה בפה. The Rov of Vienna asked the Chasam Sofer if it is permitted to perform the metziza with an alternative. The Chasam Sofer responded without hesitation that it is permitted. The Chasam Sofer added that מציצה is not part of the Milah and a child that was circumcised properly with פריעה is permitted to eat Trumah if he is a kohen.

The great gaon, R' yaakov Etlinger in teshuvos Binyan Tziyon 24 strongly admonishes Those who wish to extrapolate from the חתם סופר that it is permitted Not to perform metziza.

A similar caution was written by Maran Harav shimshon Hirsch,זצ׳ל In his teshuvos Shemesh Marpeh 55.

Theערוך השולחן in YD siman264 Halacha 18 requires מציצה בפה without compromise.
Maran החזון איש did not require מציצה בפה, Maran הרב משה did not require מציצה בפה.

Maran הרב אלישיב writes his teshuvos YD 120 that in yerushalayim מציצה בפה is the accepted Way. However if there is a suspicion that the one who is performing the bris may have been Exposed to people who may have various contagious diseases then מציצה בכלי is definitely An alternative.

Maran הרב חיים עוזר, Maran Harav יצחק אלחנן were also matir alternative to metziza bepeh If there is a suspicion of contagious illness.

According to Harav Herschel Schechter of YU, his rebbe Maran הרב יוסף דוב הלוי סולוביציק Did not require מציצה at all. He also claims that Maran הרב חיים הלוי did not require metziza Bepeh. (נפש הרב עמוד רמג)

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