Tuesday, February 18, 2014

אבד חסיד מן הארץ

With great sorrow we join Klal yisroel and the Kiruv world in mourning the loss of Harav Hatzadik Rav Meir Shuster zt"l, who was niftier this morning. His uncompromising commitment to Kiruv is legendary. Day in and day out R' Meir was at the kosel searching for Jewish souls who never had a chance to become familiar with Jewish observance.

On Tisha B'av as on every day R' Meir was relentless in finding these נשמות that needed to find their way back to Judaism. In the heat of heat as in the cold he never stopped or wavered on his life commitment to help change the heartscape of Jews who did not believe.

He was probably the master of Kiruv in our time and generations before.

More will בלי נדר be written about him in the coming days.

May hashem comfort his family amongst all mourners of ציון and yerushalayim.

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