Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From Kovna to Yerushalayim - Celebrating the Yom Hazikoron of Maran Harav Tzvi Pesach Frank, zt"l

The twenty first day of Kislev will be fifty years since the Petira of Rav Tzvi (Hersh) Pesach Frank, zt"l the "Yerushalayimer Rav".

Born in Kovna to his father Rav Yehuda Leib Frank, Zt"l . In this town of Kovna the great Rav Leibele Kovner, Zt"l served as Rav of the city. In Kovna there were great Rabbonim such as Maran Rav Yehoshua Leib, zt"l, Maran Harav Yitzchok Elchonon & Maran Harav Yisroel Salanter, zt"l.

At a very young age he made a decision to focus on Ruchniyus only. While others played he learned.

His mother once shared a story about her young Son's priorities. When she once gave him spending money she discovered that he put the money in the Shul Tzadaka box.

For a short period of time he learned under the Gaon Harav Aharon Walkin, zt"l known as the "Zkan Aharon".

He finally decided to cross the river and learn in the great Bais Medrash of Slabodka. The Rosh Yeshiva at that time was "Rav Itzel of Ponovez", Zt"l.

Rav Itzel, Zt"l conquered the Yeshiva world with his creative Torah thoughts.

Rav Tzvi Pesach was 17 years of age when he was accepted into Slabodka. The Rosh Yeshiva had genuine admiration for this young boy.

(To be Cont'd)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Senators Join Gedolei Harabonim in Asking President for a Pardon for Prisoner Jonathon Pollard

5 Senators have joined the Jewish leadership in requesting president Obama To pardon Mr. Pollard.

Media reports say that the senators based their request on the fact that other spies from non friendly nations served much less time than Mr. Pollard. The 25 years that Mr. Pollard served is excessive, they claim.

Allegedly Mr. Pollard spied for Israel a quarter of a century ago. The information he rec'd was never used.

Mr. Patrick Kennedy, son of late senator Ted Kennedy also signed the request for a presidential Pardon. He is a senator in Rhode Island.

The Jewish organization, Bnai Brith had made this request a while ago.

Mr. Rengel , a veteran senator from New York is also a signature on this request.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ADMU"R Reb Yochonon of Karlin Stolin

This coming Sunday, 21 kislev marks the Yohrtzeit of one of the surviving Rebbes from pre holocaust, who managed to re-build an empire of Torah and chassidus. Despite his frail body, and his many different illnesses, the ADMU"R Reb Yochonon of Karlin Stolin was determined in his mission to secure the continuity of this holy dynasty and the legacy and derech in avodah of his forefathers.

Reb Yochonon was the youngest son of Stoliner Rebbe, Reb Yisroel. Soon after    his father's passing in 1921, he moved to the city of his In Laws Olik. Later, upon the request of Stoliner Chassidim in Lutzk (a.k.a. Loitzk), the Rebbe opened his court there. The Rebbe also established a Yeshiva there where he demanded from the bochurim to toil in Torah and farther themselves from "havlei olam". The avodas hatfilah and simcha shel mitzvah were evident on all those who remained in the Rebbe's court.

Before world war 2 broke out, the Rebbe traveled to E"Y to shake the Heavens and beg mercy for Polish Jewry. In the Yeshiva the Rebbe kept telling the bochurim "hot rachmonis un toot Tshuva". He mentioned that black clouds were evident over European Jewry.

As the war broke out the Rebbe promised that him and the Deutch will not meet up, and so it was throughout the war. The Rebbe fled from Lutzk and wherever he came they discovered that the Germans had just enterd their previous haven. So it was, until the Rebbe reached the city of Frunza. The Rebbe settled there disclosed as an ordinary Jew with his Rebbetzin and 2 daughters. Also accompanying the Rebbe was a gabbai, who was later arrested by the communists, survived the war and immigrated to Israel many years later. A short time after the Rebbe arrived to Frunza his Rebbetzin and daughter passed away of food poisoning, leaving the Rebbe alone with just one daughter in this difficult time. The Rebbe however, did not compromise his hamodoh b'Torah and dikduk bmitzvohs.

Immediately after the war the Rebbe arrived (miracuously) back to Feldefing Germany in the DP Camps he maintained his disguise, and didn't reveal to anyone his identity, despite the fact that it may have offered him preferential treatment by the other survivors. Everyone who was with him including the Bluzhever Rebbe, Reb Hershale of Spinka and others felt that this was a holy man, but he kept to himself. In the mean time his Brother, the Stoliner Rebbe of Brooklyn (later niftar in Detroit), made efforts to get R' Yochonon documents to migrate to E"Y/US.

On 6 Iyar, 5706, the Rebbe got on a boat for E"Y. On that day his brother was niftar in the US. The Rebbe was now the only surviving brother from the holy dynasty of Karlin Stolin.

Immediately when he came off the boat in Cheifa, he said to the Chassidim "we were considering settling in Eretz Yisroel as an ordinary citizen, but now that we have undertaken the leadership, we will lead with our last drop of blood". The Rebbe immediately began working with the youth, being mekarev bochurim and demanding the highest standards of limud Hatorah and avodah. The Rebbe settled in Cheifa and occasionally visited the chasidim in Yerusholayim, Tel Aviv, Tverya and Tzfas.

Several years later the Rebbe, upon the request of the Stoliner chassidim in the US, and due to the Rebbe's health deterioration the  Rebbe came to Brooklyn, NY. Immediately after his arrival, the Rebbe founded a Yeshiva and began building up a Chabura of Bochurim, bnei aliya.

After Yisurim noiroim, which the Rebbe suffered, not for him, but rather for the Klal,as he stated, the Rebbe passed on to the coming world, on 21 Kislev, 5716.

The Rebbe was buried in NJ on condition, that they may move him later. The Rabbonim in E"Y (Tchebiner Rov and Reb Hersh Pesach Frank) paskened that the guf kadosh be brought to E"Y, being that it was his ratzon. The body was removed 16 months after the petirah and in the words of the Chevra Kadisha of Tverya, the body was complete, like the day he was niftar. Rima lo shalta bei.

Zchuso Yogein Oleinu!

Karlin Stolin continues to be a well known Empire of Torah and chasidus under the guidance and leadership of the ADMU"R of Karlin Stolin, the oldest son of the previous Rebbe's dughter.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Challenging Theme at Agudah Convention

This years Agudah convention topic of discussion is the painful issue of teens at risk.

This issue is one which very few are succesfuly treating.

Rabbi Wallerstein, Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz & Belz are the three that are confronting this issue without ego or agenda. Their interest is the teens.

Klal Yisroel cannot afford the loss of it's commited families to vain temptations of the surrounding world.

Rules ... bullet answers are a novice's treatment to a most serious problem.

The need is urgent ... the need is immediate and it should be a priority.

Kudos to the Hanhala of Agudas Yisroel for dealing with this problem.

Maran Harav Yitzchok Hutner, zt"l


There were only very few who truly appreciated his depth. All However appreciated his greatness.

His Talmidim grew to become renowned Gedolei Torah. Amongst them the current Rosh Yeshiva of Rabbenu Chaim Berlin, Hagaon Rav Aharon Shechter, his son in law, Rosh Yeshivas pachad Yitzchok in Yerushalayim, Hagaon Rav Yonason David, Hagaon Harav Feivel Cohen, Hagaon Rav Hillel David, Hagaon Harav Yitzchok Soloveitchik, Hagaon Rav M. Belsky, the Noviminsker Rebbe, Hagaon Rav Zevulan Leib, Hagaon Rav Yehuda Edelman shlit"a, Hagaon Rav Shlomo Freifeld, Zt"l, and the two popular Askanim, R' Avrohom Fruchthandler, R' Tuvia Obermeister, and many others.

To listen to his Divrei Machshava was hearing the euphonic sounds of a merge between "Sechel" and "Regesh".

To him, pirsum was disdainful. In one of his popular Igros he makes a real strong statement about Mitzvos done with publicity.

Though he knew everything, he only used pure torah to communicate the important lessons of Torah.

His own personal growth was paramount. When after many years he was questioned about changing his mind about a certain idea. He responded "Vos Vilt Eer, Ich Zol Shtarben Vee Ich Hub Geboyrin Gevorin? I Changed my Mind".

When he was very ill, his nurse in the hospital in Israel tried to assist him to rest in a comfortable position. She asked him in Hebrew "Haim Noach Lecho?" To which he answered "Ani Kvor Ochez B'lech Lecha".


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Enigma of Greatness - Maran Harav Yitzchok Hutner, Zt"l, Rosh Yeshivas Rabbenu Chaim Berlin.

The great Gaon, Maran Harav Hutner, Zt"l was and IS STILL the Rebbe of thousands in Eretz Yisroel and in Chutz L'aretz.

He contributed a new depth to Mussar and Machshava. That depth was part of his inner being and not a strategy for inspiring students.

His Seforim "Pachad Yitzchok" are textbooks of riveting concepts in Machshava. But more important he was a text "Person" of the depth of his thought.

But his depth did not limit itself to Machshava and Mussar. His concern for his Talmidim, his understanding of people was so unique, so profound .... that when a person would speak to him they would feel the piercing perception of a Gadol B'yisroel.

His Yartzeit is on the twentieth of Kislev.

Known as the "Iluy of Warsaw" Maran Harav Hutner, zt"l wrote his first Sefer on Rambam Hilchos Neziros which was decorated by an unusual Haskama from Maran Harav Chaim Ozer, zt"l who declared "Ashrei Yoladeto".

(To be cont'd)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ponovez Celebrates 70 Years

This Sunday the Ponovez Yeshiva of Bnei Brak will be celebrating their 70th year of Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel at their annual fund raising Dinner in the U.S.

The Yeshiva is one of the most respected in the world today.

The greatest minds in Eretz Yisroel were Marbitz Torah in Ponovez.

Maran Harav Yosef Shlomo Kahanamen zt"l founded the Yeshiva in Bnei Brak and served as Rosh Hayeshiva.

Maranan V'Rabanan, Harav Dovid Povarsky, Harav Shmuel Rozovsky, Harav Yecheskel Levenstein, Harav Dessler, Harav Chaim Friedlander, Harav Aba Grossbard , Harav Eliezer Menachem Mann Shach, zt"l were Marbitz Torah in the sacred Bais Hamedrash of Ponovez in Eretz Yisroel.

The Chazon Ish, Zt"l would participate in the Simchas Torah Hakofos with the Ponovez Talmidim.

Ponovez, a True Mokom Torah!

Yom Hazikoron - The Alter of Novardok, zt"l

On the 17th of Kislev is the Yartzeit of Rav Yosef Yozel, zt"l known as the Alter of Novardok.

Born in the Lithuanian city of Plunigan, Rav Yozel was blessed with great talents as a young child.

His depth of conviction was noticed early on in his youth. He was a great Masmid with a sharp mind. At the age of 17 he wrote a Chibur on the "Ketzos Hachoshen".

For a short while, Rav Yozel was a successful business man. He made more than a living.

When he met Maran R' Yisroel Salanter, zy"a, His life turned around.

He established the 80 branches of Novardok thru-out Russia.

Navardok had great students such as Rav Avrohom Yaffen, zt"l , the Steipler, zt"l , R' Binyomin Silber, zt"l etc...

The distinct approach to Mussar was difficult for some but proved to cultivate great Baalei Mussar who led the Mussar movement years later.

Yehi Zichro Baruch!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

פרשת וישלח

ויירא יעקב … וייצר לו

אם ירא למה לכתוב וייצר, הרי פשוט שלא ינעם לו בפחד.

וברש”י פירש, ויירא שמא ייהרג וייצר שמא יהרוג את אחרים.

ושמעתי לבאר על דרך המוסר. 
בספר חובות הלבבות שער אהבת ה’, מביא משל:

כמו שספר אחד מן החסידים על אחד מהיראים,
שמצאו ישן באחד המדברות.
ואמר לו: האינך ירא מן אריה שאתה ישן במקום הזה?
אמר לו: אני בוש מאלוקים שיראני ירא זולתו.
והיינו זה שהיצר ליעקב אבינו, שהוא ירא מזולת הבורא יתברך.

Belz and Kiruv

The Belzer Rav, Shlita is above all a leader with creative vision.

The project "Tzohar" which now includes a program for teens at risk is the most successful yet.

The breadth of the program is fascinating. The talent involved in this work is unusual.

There is no other program for teens at risk on the globe that has that kind of real success.

This program is the brain child of the Belzer Rav, shlita.

There are other programs that have a 'Kind' of success.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Yet Unknown

The world has Great Leaders. The Torah World has Manhigim, Gedolei Torah, Roshei Yeshiva, Chassidic Rebbeim, Sefardic Gedolim etc...

The Olam Hatorah has famous Roshei Yeshiva that changed the face of Yiddishkeit and elevated the Torah learning to higher levels.

There have been thru-out the generations Gedolei Torah unknown to our Dor. Some in Europe ... Some in Eretz Yisroel .... Some in America.

The Yerushalayim Tzitzis man who knew all of Mishnayos B'al peh. The Iluy of Monticello, NY, Hagaon Rav Shlomo Schneider, zt"l. The Meitchter Iluy, zt"l a Rosh Yeshiva in Yeshivas Rabbenu Yitzchok Elchonon... The Vishka Iluy, zt"l from the lower East Side.... the Pruzna Iluy, zt"l the Rebbe of Maran Harav Shach, zt"l, the Tomoshover rebbe, zt"l, the Skolya Rebbe, Hagaon Rav Dovid Yungreiz, zt"l of the Eida Hacharaidis and many others.

We hope to remember many of them in future posts.

The Tosher Rebbe, Shlita

There is a marked improvement in the condition of the ailing Rebbe, shlita.

Now the oxygen tank was removed as B"H he is able to breathe on his own.

The Rebbe was hospitalized 3 weeks ago in a Montreal hospital because of an infection in his lungs. The infection caused high temperature.

Tefilos were said all over the world "Lekayem Banu Chachmei Yisroel" The Torah world & particularly the Olam Hachasidus are full of gratitude to Hakb"h for the improvement of the Rebbe's health.

There is great anticipation that the Rebbe will be discharged iy'h very soon.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Life Sanctified by "Nigun"

The name 'Modzitz' to most is synonomous with "Nigun".

The Modzitzer Rebbe, Reb Yisroel Zt"l was one who had the unique power of Kiruv thru song.

On Yomim Tovim thousands would come to Modzitz to hear the Niggunim song in the Beis Medrash of Modzitz.

The Rebbe zt"l published his sefer Divrei Yisroel during his lifetime.

The Rebbe zt"l used to say "When I hear one singing I could determine where he is holding in Yiras Shomayim".

His Yahrtzeit is on the thirteenth of Kislev.

Yehi Zichro Baruch!

A blessed World thru the Eyes of the Alter of Navardok, zt"l

Maran Rav Chaim Shmulevitz, zt"l Rosh Yeshivas Mir – Yerushalayim, was fond of quoting the Alter of Navardok, zt"l who said "How beautiful world it would be, if the borrower would pay his loans on time and the lender would never ask for the money. Everybody would live in harmony. The tragedy is that the borrower screams "You are not allowed to bother me" and the lender screams "Repayment of a loan is a Mitzva".

If everyone would be concerned about their own obligations.... the
world would be so harmonious.

Maran Harav Moshe Mordechai Epstein, zt"l - Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka

A Talmid of Volozin. He was known as the "Genius from Bakst". At the age of 8 he was versed in most of Shas. At his Bar Mitzva he was considered a "Charif" and very knowledgable in all of Shulchan Aruch.

Before he was thirty he was appointed Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka and his brother in law, Maran Harav Isser Z. Meltzer, zt"l joined him very soon after.

When he was close to sixty he moved the Yeshiva to Chevron in Eretz Yisroel. A year later he travelled thru Eretz Yisroel to give Chizuk to those living in Eretz Yisroel. He was joined by Maran Harav Kook and Maran Harav Isser Zalman Mektzer Zt"l.

After the tragic slaughter in Chevron, where 24 Talmidim were killed. He moved the yeshiva to Yerushalayim.

He is the author of the popular sefer "Levush Mordechai".


Lubavitch Shluchim Covention

Four thousand & five hundred Chabad Shluchim from across the globe gathered this past week in Crown Heights to discuss issues of concern & create a greater network.

These Shluchim sacrifice the comforts that most others have for the sake of spreading Shmiras Hamitzvos in the most challenging places.

Some of the locations where Chabad Shluchim can be found are only familiar to those who are familiar with crossword puzzles.

Klal Yisroel owes a debt of gratitude to these devoted Shluchim.

Chazon Ish, zt"l - About Speech

The Gemora in Megila teaches us "A word is worth one coin, silence is worth two".

The seemingly greater value of silence is apparent.

However the Chazon Ish challenges that thought. He comments "If one is to be silent from sunrise to sunset he only earns two coins, but for EVERY word he earns one coin,hence making the value of speech greater".

The Chazon Ish goes on to explain that Choosing what NOT to say is really the avoda of speech as opposed to total silence.

That's why EVERY WORD earns a coin, making speech albeit proper speech of greater value than silence.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Fifth of Kislev is the Yom Hazikoron - Maran Harav Boruch Ber, zt"l Leibowitz

This Erev Shabbos is the Yartzeit of the Kaminetzer Rosh Yeshiva, zt"l at the early age of 16 he became a Talmid Muvhak of Rav Chaim of Brisk, zt"l.

His legendary Hasmada  and enthusiastic style of learning made an indelible impression on his Talmidim.

He was Rosh Yeshiva of Kaminetz for 18 years.

The Lakewood Mashgiach, zt"l repeated the words of the Kaminetzer Rosh Yeshiva, zt"l that the measure of Ahavas Hashem is based upon a persons disdain for evil, "Ohavey Hashem Sinou Ra"

Yehi Zichro Baruch!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

פרשת ויצא

"ויפגע במקום … כי בא השמש" (כ”ח י”א)

וברש”י: "ויפגע" … מלמד שתקן תפילת ערבית …
"כי בא השמש" … ששקעה לו חמה פתאום שלא בעונתה …

מזה יש ללמוד, מה טעם תפילת ערבית רשות, הרי כל התפילות אבות תקנום.
כי אברהם אבינו, "וישכם אברהם בבוקר" שהשכים כדי לתקן תפילת שחרית.
יצחק אבינו, "ויצא יצחק לשוח" שיצא לשדה על מנת להתפלל תפילת מנחה.
וכאן אצל יעקב אבינו, שקעה חמה פתאום ולכן התפלל בערב. ולא שכיוון עצמו לתקן תפילת ערבית.



"ויאמר אליו לבן … ויברכני ה’ בגללך" (ל’ כ"ז)
ויאמר נקבה שכרך…" (ל’ כ"ח)
"ויברך ה’ אותך לרגלי" (ל’ ל’)

צריך לבאר, כי בפסוק כ"ז זה דברי לבן, ובפסוק כ"ח המשך דברי לבן. ומה יש מקום לתיבת "ויאמר" בפסוק כ"ח, הרי זה המשך דברי לבן.

וגם יש להבין טעם שינוי הלשון בתשובת יעקב אבינו. שלבן אמר "ויברכני ה’ בגללך" ויעקב אבינו אמר "ויברך ה’ אותך לרגלי". הרי הי לו לומר בגללי.

בגמ’ איתא, אריס שמשקה השדה ג’ פעמים שכרו רבע מגידולי השדה. ויכול להתנות שישקה ד’ פעמים ושכרו יהא שליש מגידולי השדה.

אולם יש מחלוקת, אם התנה שישקה ד’ פעמים. וירדו גשמים, שלא היה צריך להשקות פעם הרביעית. אם יקבל רביע כפי שהתנה. וגשמים שירדו, הרווח של האריס. או כיוון שלא השקה, לא יקבל רביע כי אם שליש.

וזה גופא טען לבן ליעקב אבינו. "ויברכני ה’ בגללך" אמת שאתה צדיק, ובזכותך שרויה ברכת ה’. אולם הרווח שלי הוא. כי לא השקעת למענו יותר מהרגיל. ולכן הראה עצמו לבן כמי שנוהג לפנים משורת הדין והוסיף "נקבה שכרך … ואתנה" ומכיוון שלבן טען שלא חייב בתוספת השכר, הוסיף הכתוב תיבת "ויאמר" שהשכר לא תמורת עבודתו.

ויעבק אבינו אמר, לא כפי שאתה אומר שברכת ה’ היתה כאן, ואני לא עבדתיך יותר מהרגיל. אלא "ויברך ה’ אותך לרגלי" ברגלי עבדתי, ולכן מן הדין שתתן לי שכרי יותר.

שמעתי ואיני יודע בשם מי.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A view from the eyes of Maran Harav Yisroel Z. Gustman,zt"l

Maran Harav Gustman, zt"l was once discussing the Importance of wearing a hat while Davening.

Someone asked him about wearing a hat with a feather on Shabbos regarding carrying on Shabbos.
He replied that even though it probably is "Batel" to the Hat, one should not wear it.

New sefer -Discourses of Maran Harav Yosef Dov Halevi, zt"l Soloveitchik

After a most recent publication of a sefer from Maran Harav Soloveitchik, zt"l on Chumash Breishis another new sefer from Maran zt"l (english) was published.

This sefer titled Dorosh Darash Yosef by Rabbi A. C. David is a beautiful collection of discourses of the Rav on the weekly Parsha.

The profundity of the Rav zt"l is aay above our Comprehension. But we all can gain deep & inspiring insights from these lectures.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today - the Yarhtzeit of the Manhig of his Dor - Maran Harav Ahron Kotler, zt"l

Klal Yisroel celebrates the Yom Zikoron of Maran Harav A. Kotler, zt"l founder and Rosh Yeshivas Beis Midrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ.

HaRav Kotler, zt"l Rebuilt torah to a way that it was Familiar to Lithuanian Yeshivos.

HaRav Kotler was a child prodigy who was one of the most creative minds amongst Talmedei Chachomim.

Today Lakewood boasts an enrollment of nearly 6,000 students.

Yehi Zichro Baruch

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Sefer on Rav Shach's View of Kiruv

A new sefer on Kiruv, a collection of many Maamorim of Rav Shach, zt"l is being published.

Rav Shach, zt"l had very clear guidelines for 'Avodas Hakiruv'.

There are many differences between the guidelines in Kiruv established by Gedolei Eretz Yisroel and the Gedolim in Chutz l'aretz, shlita.

The Gedolei Chutz l'aretz tend to have a more lenient approach about many issues related to Kiruv.

Hagaonim Hagadolim, Harav Ahron Feldman, Harav Shmuel Kaminetzky, the Noveminsker Rebbe, shlita are very involved in questions pertaining to Kiruv and view the questions from an American perspective.

Hagaonim Hagadolim, shlita Harav Ahron Schechter & Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel have a consistent view with the Gedolei Ertz Yisroel on most issues related to Kiruv.

Friday, November 5, 2010

כי ציד בפיו

יש להבין מדוע הצליח עשו לרמות את יצחק אביו. אבל רבקה ידעה טיבו והבינה שעשו רשע הוא.

ושמעתי ג’ הסברים בעניין:

הפשוט, שרבקה גדלה עם לבן הרמאי, וידעה להבחין בין אמת לרמאות. ומזה ידעה שציד בפי עשו ורשע הוא.

ובראשונים כתוב על “ויאמר ה’ לה” שהנבואה נאמרה רק לה, והיא לא גלתה ליצחק אבינו. ולכן היא ידעה שיש לה בן צדיק ובן רשע, ומזה שראתה שיעקב בנה הוא הצדיק, והכירה את שני בניה, הבינה שעשו הוא הרשע. ויצחק שלא  ידע מנבואה זו, חשב בדעתו ששני בניו צדיקים.

ועוד יש להסביר, יצחק אבינו ראה את עשו בבית המדרשץ ושם עשו נהג כמו כולם. ורבקה ראתה אותו בעת האוכל, ואדם ניכר בשלושה דברים ואחד מהם הוא בכוסו. וכשראתה צורת אכילתו ידעה את טיבו.

Aish Hatorah Sponsors Weekend

Aish Hatorah is Sponsoring a  Partners seminar this Weekend.

Aish Hatorah , the creation of Hagaon Harav Noach Weinberg, Zt'l, continues to grow their outreach programming.

Harav Noach, was known as a 'Powerhouse' in the Area of Kiruv Rechokim.

Currently His Son, Harav Hillel, shlita is the Rosh Yeshiva.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daven for Maran Harav Scheinberg

Maran Harav Scheinberg was taken to a hospital in New York today.

He is here for a fund raiser for his Yeshivas Torah Ore.

There has not been a diagnosis of his condition as of yet.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Horoah from Maran Shlita About Lying

A Sefer recently published by Hagaon Harav Tzvi Cohen shlita, quotes Maran Harav Eliyashuv, Shlita that it is not only prohibited to say or believe a lie, it is even prohibited to LISTEN to a lie. His Source is the Gemora in Kesubos 5a.

Note: The Orchos Tzadikim in Shar Hasheker says on the Posuk in Shmos "Medevar Sheker Tirchak" that it also reads "MeDover Sheker Tirchak" that from one who speaks lies we should distance ourselves.