Sunday, March 23, 2014

What would the Chofetz Chaim think of Blogging and Bloggers?

The question sounds so simple. The answer simpler.
Why is it so difficult for us to understand?
For those who have a deeper understanding of the "effect" of curiosity as to "what's happening" blogging is the twisted view of very few.

Most are people who are desperate for attention. People who have not succeeded in the world of academics.
Particularly those who haven't been recognized as being Talmudic scholars on any Level. There are those who love creating a maelstrom of ׳מחלוקת׳. There are others who take pride in 'exposing' the maladies of and in the orthodox community, not realizing that they are what is called 'The Emperor of maladies'.

It has been discovered that almost no responsible rabbinic scholars who are familiar with Halacha sanction any of the ostensible לשם שמים blogging.

While we do not point fingers at anyone , we do reiterate what מרן הרב אלישיב,זצ׳ל said many times about the לשון הרע on the blogs: " What would the חפץ חיים זצ״ל say" ? Or in his precise words ואס ואלט דער חפץ חיים גזאגט?

Those who learned the ספר חפץ חיים ושמירת הלשון would know that the היתר of לתועלת has very remote application בזמן הזה. This is the true Daas Torah as our contemporary Gedolim teach us.

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