Friday, February 20, 2015

Dvar Torah - Parshat Terumah

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Terumah. Hashem requests that the Jews build a dwelling for His Presence amongst the Jews. For the project of building this Mishkan (Temple), it was necessary to receive donations of Gold, Silver, Copper and precious stones, and several other materials, for the completion of the project. Hashem commanded that donations be accepted from all, as this was going to be the Center for "all" Jews. The Torah goes on to describe the details of all the artifacts which were placed in the Mishkan, such as the Aron (ark), the Menorah, the Shulchan (table), Mizbeiach (altar) and so on.

I'd like to share with you some interesting facts related to details of the artifacts. The Aron in which the Tablets (Luchos) were placed, which held also the Torah, had special wooden staves covered with gold, which Torah commands us, shall never be removed from the ark. see Shemos 25/15. The staves, known as the Badim, symbolize those who support Torah. This is a message that those who support Torah will merit to be with those who learn and spread Torah in the world to come, as they are inseparable. We also know what our sages teach us that the Aron carried those which carried it. We know that the Aron was extremely heavy, it consisted of three boxes, two of which were pure gold and one was wood, probably the weight of a van... Miraculously during the journey thru the desert, it was moved from place to place, because the Aron carried those that carried it. So too, those who support Torah will be carried by the Torah.

Another observation commented by Chasidic masters. The Torah refers to the border made for the shulchan (table), in Shemos 25/27 "across the border shall be the rings". Leumas Hamigeres tihyeno Hatabaos. The word misgeres (border) comes from the word sogur - locked. Chassiddic masters teach us that when one reaches a situation where he feels locked in and bordered (limited), he shall loo to the rings, referring to the ring which Pharaoh gave Yosef, after having gone though such a difficult period, and the ring which will be reading about shortly, the ring which Achashveirosh gave Mordechai. Hashem is always there for us, even in the most difficult and unimaginable times, thing could turn for the best.

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