Friday, February 6, 2015

Dvar Torah - Parshat Yisro

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Yisro. The portion begins with Yisro, Moshe's Father In Law joining the Jewish people, bringing his daughter Tzipora, Moshe's wife and her two children to re-unite with their father. Yisro advised Moshe to set up a system of lower judges and leaders so that not all questions will need to be answered by Moshe himself. The Main topic of the portion is the purpose of creation, kabolas Hatorah,- receiving the Torah. The Ten Commandments are written in this week's portion.
In the beginning of the portion we learn that Moshe had two sons his oldest was named Gershon, the second Eliezer. Gershon, for I was a stranger in a foreign land. Eliezer, for the G-d of my father assisted me and rescued me from the sword of Pharaoh.
Why is it that Moshe did not name his first son after the great rescue ? The Tiferes Shlomo explains the reasoning. When Gershon was born the Jewish nation was still enslaved in Egypt, and although Moshe personally, managed to escape, he didn't view this a full rescue. For to Moshe as long as his brothers and sisters were under slavery, he was not at peace. His second son, Gershon, was however born, after Hashem had already informed Moshe that he will free the Jews from Egypt. This is why Moshe was already able to say that he was rescued. Now that his brethren were in the process of redemption, he felt comfortable naming his son for his rescue.

Perhaps this is what it means to be - k'ish echod b'leiv echod - as one man with one heart. The phrase used by our sages, to describe the unity prior to receiving the Torah. When we feel each other's pain as our own and we rejoice with one another's simcha as it is our own then we reach the level of k'ish echod b'leiv echod.
Just as during Matan Torah, everyone was healed from all illness, may it now too be a time for healing of all Klal Yisroel physically, spiritually and financially.

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