Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dvar Torah - Parshat Bo

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Bo. The Torah describes the last three plagues, and then finally, the redemption/exodus from Egypt in broad daylight. Also in this week's portion the mitzvah of Rosh Chodesh (setting up a lunar based calendar), and the laws regarding the Korban Pesach (Pesach offering) are mentioned as this was the first time that there was a celebration based on a date (taking the lamb on the tenth and then the actual offering on the fourteenth day of Nisan) .

All the events that took place leading up to the redemption are full of lessons in emuna (faith) for us today. We learn that when Hashem will decide to redeem us again, all those who mishandled the Jews will pay a hefty price.

Hashem requested of Moshe"let each man request (borrow) of his fellow and each woman from her fellow silver vessels and gold vessels". Hashem granted the favor in the eyes of Egypt .... The Torah states that the Jews literally emptied out Egypt.

It is difficult to understand, why did Hashem want this to be done in such a way ? Why request a loan ? Hashem has many ways to grant us what is coming to us why in a way that would seem like they had to fool the Egyptians, so to say that it's only a loan. There's no question that this money was coming to the Jews for all the hard labor over 210 years....

Reb Bunim of Patshischa explains, being that Hashem promised Avrohom that his descendant will be tortured and then they will leave with great wealth. One might get comfortable and begin believing that money is everything and spirituality gets put on a back burner. Therefore Hashem wanted specifically that the wealth come in form of a loan, which Hashem of course granted us. This was done so that they don't get too comfortable with materialism. If Hashem blesses us with wealth, we should never forget who is the one who gave it to us, it's only Hashem .

May we merit to always be grateful for the good G-d grants us and remember without divine assistance we'd be nowhere.

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