Saturday, November 1, 2014

Parashat Lech Lecha

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Lech Licho. The portion discusses absolute faith and devotion which Avrohom our forefather demonstrated from an early age throughout his life. Hashem granted Avrohom the power of blessing others and promised him that his family will be an example to the entire world. We learn about the separation of Avrom and Lot (his nephew), due to the dishonesty of his employees... Later we learn about the war of the four kings vs the five. Avrohom nephew was captured and Avrohom goes to battle to save him and does not accept any reward. Later we learn of G-d's covenant with Avrohom. The portion closes with Hashem's promise Avrohom that his children will inherit the land and they will be many and Hashem command Avrohom to perform the mitzvah of Bris mila. Avrohom does so with enthusiasm mid day...

Reb Pinchos of Koritz would rejoice on this Shabbos, Saying, that until now, in the first two portions the world went sour, the sin of the tree of knowledge, Kayin and Hevel, the flood, the Babylonian tower, all causing darkness to the world. Now we reach the era of Avrohom, who awakens the attribute of kindness to the world. So too said the Chidushei Harim, that the Chozeh of Lublin would relate to the portion of lech licho as if one just came out from darkness to light.

This portion ends with the mitzvah of bris milah, therefore I'd like to discuss the blessing we wish upon every young boy who enter this holy covenant. All those in attendance wish the boy who has just been circumcised, just as he entered to the covenant (bris), so too shall he be brought in to Torah, to Chupah (marriage) and to maasim tovim - good deeds. There are several explanations on the meaning of this blessing. Just as at the time of bris (usually performed at age of eight days), the person has no ulterior motives (such as honor, money etc.), so too, when he reaches the age of learning Torah and good deeds and even regarding marriage it should be with a clear focus to perform the will of G-d. There's another explanation, that just as one who was circumcised it remains engrained in him forever, so too should it be with Torah, Chupah and good deeds. It should not only be a performance, but rather a part of him, inseparable.

May we follow in the footsteps of Avrohom Avinu and always seek acts of kindness and serve Hashem with fervor above nature, as did Avrohom.

A Gut Voch,

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