Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dvar Torah - Parashat Chayei Soroh

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Chayei Soroh. The portion begins with the tragic Passing of Soroh and Avrohom's devotion to find a proper burial place for his wife. Now Avrohom felt that he needs to secure the future of Klal Yisroel, and he appointed his servant Eliezer to find an appropriate wife for Yitzchok. The Tora gives us the details of eliezer's mission and the success, bringing home a wife for Yitzchok, Rivka. After witnessing Rivka's greatness, Yitzchok was consoled after his mother. The portion ends with some details of Yismoel's life, and his death.

In Breishis 24/1 the Torah states: and Avrohom was old, he came with his days, and Hashem blessed Avrohom with everything. Reb Meyer of Premyshlan once said that in the world to come, two people were brought before g-d, one was an old man of poor stature, the other a young man of great stature. Reb Meyer said that they treated the young man as if he would be an old man, because he came up with many utilized hours, days, and weeks. The second man was treated like a little boy. When he asked why, he was told that he came up to Heaven with very little time spent properly. He was therefore considered a kid. This is why the Torah stresses that Avrohom was old and he came with his years, meaning, his years were utilized.

Reb Shimele of Yerislav lived until approximately 100 years of age. He would explain the fore mentioned verse as follows: Avrohom was old because everything that happened to him, he viewed as a blessing from G-d. He added, that if one doesn't agree with things that occur in his life, Hashem calls him up to explain to him why he deserved it. Says Reb Shimele, the Torah is telling us why Avrohom lived to be an old man, because Hashem blessed him with everything, he saw it all as a blessing.

May we merit to be blessed, and see the blessing of Hashem in all areas.

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