Friday, November 7, 2014

Dvar Torah - Parashat Vayeiro

This week we are privileged to read the portion of Vayeiro. We learned in the end of the previous portion that Avrohom performed the mitzva of Bris milah (circumcision) at age 99. Despite his age and condition Avrohom is still committed to his life's mission - chesed - kindness. Avrohom was standing at his door waiting to find a guest to host and feed. Hashem sent three angels, who appeared as people so that Avrohom should be calm. One angel was to heal Avrohom, one was to inform Sarah that she will bare a child within the year and the third went on to turn over Sedom and Amora. Avrohom beseaches the Heavenly throne to spare the people of Sedom and surrounding cities and Hashem declines the request, due to the evil character of their population. We further learn of the great miracle of Yitzchok's birth. Later we learn about the bad influence Yishmael was, causing Avrohom to send him away. The portion ends with the ultimate sacrifice, whereby Hashem tested Avrohom to see whether he was fully devoted unconditionally and selfless. Hashem commanded Avrohom to bring his beloved son Yitzchok for an offering. Avrohom despite having preached to all that sacrificing humans was prohibited, was now ready to do G-d's will without hesitation. After Avrohom was prepared for the ultimate sacrifice of his life, Hashem commands him not to harm his son, and blesses him.

In Bereishis 18/19 the Hashem states: for I love him (Avrohom) because he commands his children and household after him and they will keep the way of G-d to do charity and justice. Why is this written just here ?
The Maharal questions, why isn't there any mention in the Torah about the event at Oor Kasdim, whereby Avrom was thrown into a burning oven because he refused to bow to idols or to worship Nimrod. We mention it everyday in our prayers (shachris), yet the Torah does not discuss the event. The Maharal explains that the reason the Torah omits the event is, so that we shouldn't think that Hashem's love for Avrohom was because of Oor Kasdim.

Perhaps we can take this further. Many times we see people of great stature, however they fail to pass on a legacy to their children and acquaintances, either because they're too busy or don't realize the importance. This is why Hashem tells us, the way to find "favor" in My eyes, is by teaching others. Maybe only after the Torah tells us that Avrohom was not only busy with Chesed, but he was busy educating his own children too, that is where the Torah tells us that he found favor by Hashem. One needs to know his priorities. First and foremost is the education of our own children !

May we merit to pass on to our children and students a way of life in the path of Hashem.

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