Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Sefer captures torah world

The new sefer - Tiferes Shlomo from the unusual Gaon Harav Shlomo Shneider, zt'l has astounded the torah world.

This sefer is a testimony to the gift of a miraculous memory given to those who aquire torah thru the 48 ways.

The 'Breath of Knowledge' call it bekius of shas, medrash, shulchan aruch, Yerushalmy, rishonim and achronim is hardly seen.

The great Gaon, Harav Schneider, zt'l was a master of 'anivus'. The novimnsker rebbe, shlita calls him a 'Nechba el Hakeilim'.

The great Posek ,Hagaon Rav Tuvia Goldstein, zt'l writes an Elaborate haskama on his seforim.

This sefer is on chumash. He also wrote three volumes of Teshuvos called Diverei Shlomo.

This sefer deserves celebration.

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