Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harav Dovid Wolpin, shlita, Mashgiach of Kol Yaakov resigns

Hagaon Rav Dovid Wolpin, shlita the Mashgiach of Kol Yaakov since 1984 resigned from his position. He Did not retire.

Alumni and Talmidim are profoundly disappointed with R' Raice who declared himself in charge for not offering any Severance or financial support to Harav Wolpin, shlita.

Hagaon Harav Wolpin,shlita is widely respected and has devoted his life to his Talmidim.

Truth be told that R' Raice is quite happy that Harav Wolpin resigned as he and R' Gluck try to bring in younger blood into this new yeshiva for kids at risk. The yeshiva appears to have a steady student body of 11 students. They claim a very expanded budget despite the small enrollment.

Harav Dovid Stefansky,shlita also left Kol Yaakov, unsatisfied with the way R' Raice unilateraly changed the course of the yeshiva.

He did not Retire as reported by R' Raice.

Harav Stefansky ,shlita arrived at Kol Yaakov In 1990 when Kol Yaakov was thriving under the Leadership of Hagaon Harav Leib Tropper, shlita.

Harav Naftaly Kasten, shlita also left and started a kolel in Monsey.

The Devoted Secr'y, Mrs Shain is not there anymore. Reportedly she left though some claim she was fired. This happened as recent as 2 weeks ago.

Meanwhile the issues of ownership of Kol Yaakov have not been resolved. Issues of authority have also been ignored by R' Raice & R' Shmuel Gluck.

A Seruv (letter of contempt) is being issued by a Monsey Bais din after R' Raice ignored 3 summonses to appear before the bais din.
The plaintiff is Rabbi N Kramer who was appointed early february of this year as the director of Kol Yaakov Torah center. R' Raice was employed as adminstrator.

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