Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Memory of Maran Harav Shach, Zt'l

The 16th of Mar-Cheshvan is the Yahrtzeit of one who was considered in the Torah world as the Manhig of Bnei Hayeshivos, Maran Harav Eliezer Menachem Man Shach, Zt'l, Rosh Yeshivas Ponoviz in Bnei Brak.

His every word ,his every request traveled the globe in Seconds. His word was final for at least the half million people who attended his funeral in Bnei Brak and to his thousands of followers in Europe and America. The largest levaya in centuries for a Gadol Hador who always thought that not more than a Minyan of Jews would attend his Funeral.

His Amelus in Torah....His Creativity in his Chidushei Torah ....His Genius in Torah .....was nothing less than astounding. The ultimate testimony to the above is his multiple volumes of Novel Chidushim in his sifrei Avi Ezri....

He was the Leader's Leader.

He was a leader of unusual quality. Intrepid, loving and truthful were the most highlighted features of leadership that he exhibited.

His Anivus and Pashtus were a throw back to a world that is no more.

His boundless Love Towards Bnei Torah has been a Model to follow for Roshei Yeshiva.

Torah Leaders as well as Zionist leaders were in awe when he issued a statement. It would not be less than truthful to say 'the world Stopped to listen when He spoke'

Gedolim From Previous Generations recognized these components of leadership that he possesed.

Amongst them, Maran Harav Chaim Ozer, The Brisker Rav & The Chazon Ish, zt'l observed in him a uniqueness, as the Chazon Ish, zt'l wrote to him in a letter published in Avi Ezri vol. 3. The Brisker rav, zt'l shared that admiration as evident by the Haskama he wrote printed in Avi Ezri on Nezikin.

Known as R' lazer the vaboliniker, because he was born in Vabolnik, lithuania and studied in the Vabolniker yeshiva under the tutelage of Maran Harav Leib Forer, zt'l known as the Vabolniker Iluy. He then went on to slabodka and Kletzk.

Voluminous material has been written about the greatness of this giant of torah & leader by his grandson and others.

Maran Harav Shach, zt'l initiated the publishing of the Daily Yated Ne'eman in Eretz Yisroel (No connection to the Yated Published by R' Lipshitz in the U.S.) which is still the leading Charadei Newspaper in Eretz Yisroel. The Yated in Eretz Yisroel has an english edition as well.

The Effort to Start the Yated in Eretz Yisroel was supported by Maran the Steipler, zt'l.

No one can forget that bitter Erev Shabbos when the Torah World irreversibly Changed by the Loss of the Gadol Hador, Maran Harav Shach, who after 106 years of age Joined Malachei Elyon in a world "Shekulo Tov"


There will be an aliyah l'kivro on the day of his yahrtzeit,iy'h.

Yehi zichro baruch!

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