Friday, October 15, 2010

The Merging of Two Families that Support Torah - Mazal Tov

Mr. & Mrs. Dancycier and Mr. & Mrs. Berg share a Mazal Tov as Dancycier's Son Married Berg's daughter last nite.

These 2 families enjoy a reputation as Ohavai Torah & Machzekei Torah.

The Berg family is a noted family. Amongst them are the Braun family, supporters of Telshe Riverdale, the Rausman family, supporters of New square and other mosdos, The Kramer Family, supporters of Tiferes yerushalayim hHeaded by Maran Harav Dovid Feinstein, shlita.

The Dancycier family is also a noted philanthropic Family that includes the Fishman family & The Zelinger family. A family that is well trained in acts of Silent Chesed.

The Parents of the Choson are the owners of DDL Travel..a successful and Popular Travel agency.

Mr. Alan Zelinger, Z'L the Grandfather of the Choson was a Special Man....Loved all and Loved by all.

He had a Regal Presence, Class and integrity compounded by his perfected Midos and an inimitable fatherly stentorian Laugh.

A special guest from Eretz Yisroel at the wedding was Mrs. Belzberg wife of noted Ba'al Tzedaka, Mr. Marc Belzberg. Her father Mr. Solly Spiro, is a founding supporter of the Artscroll shas.

The wedding took place in Monsey.

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