Sunday, October 17, 2010

14 old year From Netanya takes test on all of Hilchos Shabbos

Pleasantly suprised were the Rabbonim of the Rabbanut Harashit in Eretz Yisroel . Moshe Raziel Sereifi was tested on all of Hilchos Shabbos including Hilchos Eruvin.

His meticulous knowledge of the halachos Shocked the Rabbanim who Tested the 14 year old from Netanya.

This young 14 year old, already learned parts of Yoreh Deah.

His long term quest is to get Semicha on Orach Chaim, Yore Deah, Even Haezer & Choshen Mishpat.

The Challenge is for Him to get allowance from the Rabbanut to get Semicha before 18. There appears to be a law that specificaly states that 18 yrs of age is the Starting age for Semicha.

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