Monday, August 25, 2014

Satmar Rebbe Zy"a

A new Sefer was put on the table for public consumption and true to itself it grabbed the interest of the מחנה התורה. The Sefer is a collection of עצות והדרכות that the Satmar Rebbe Zy"a shared with מבקשי ה׳ who sought his direction in being an עובד השם.

The Sefer is titled ניצוצי תומר. This beautiful Sefer was made available through the efforts of Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Chananya Tennenbaum שליט"א. The tel number to purchase this Sefer is 1-718-384-1324.

Interesting point: The Rebbe writes "The יסוד for Shalom Bayis is סבלנות,which requires humility".

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