Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Senators Join Gedolei Harabonim in Asking President for a Pardon for Prisoner Jonathon Pollard

5 Senators have joined the Jewish leadership in requesting president Obama To pardon Mr. Pollard.

Media reports say that the senators based their request on the fact that other spies from non friendly nations served much less time than Mr. Pollard. The 25 years that Mr. Pollard served is excessive, they claim.

Allegedly Mr. Pollard spied for Israel a quarter of a century ago. The information he rec'd was never used.

Mr. Patrick Kennedy, son of late senator Ted Kennedy also signed the request for a presidential Pardon. He is a senator in Rhode Island.

The Jewish organization, Bnai Brith had made this request a while ago.

Mr. Rengel , a veteran senator from New York is also a signature on this request.

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