Friday, March 30, 2018

Dvar Tora - from Rabbi Yitzchok Wolpin

As Pesach is approaching and we're all preparing for this special night, I want to remind you what is written in Beis Ahron in the name of his father, Reb Osher of Stolin. The reason why the Pesach night meal is called Seder, which means order (arranged), because in this evening we set the tone for the entire year. We are organizing the rest of our future year on this night, and the way we conduct ourselves on this night will have an influence on the entire year. Further the Beis Ahron explains that many mitzvohs are performed throughout the year to commemorate the exodus of Egypt, therefore specifically on this night one should be more tuned in to the way one conducts himself.

In a letter to his followers, the Beis Ahron writes that the tremendous enlightenment that came down to the world during our exodus from Egypt returns every year during this special night and one can draw tremendous spirit from this holiday.

May we all merit to set a Seder for the entire year in the best possible way and prepare ourselves properly for the ultimate redemption - Lishono Habo b'Yerusholayim habinuyo.

Wishing you all a Happy and Kosher Pesach,

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolpin 

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