Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gedolei Olam

These are Three Gedolei Olam whose Yahrtzeit is celebrated today, the 30th of Nissan.

1. Rabbenu Chaim Vital, Zy"a a Talmid Muvhak of the Holy Alshich Zy"a, And Talmid of the Holy Ar"i Zy"a.

2. Karbon Nesanel Zt"l - HaRav Nesanel Weil. He was a Rosh Yeshiva in Prague.

3. Rabbenu Yaakov Emden Zt"l. He was the son of the Chacham Tzvi. He lived in Altuna then he went to Emden. After 4 years he returned to Altuna. He left again to Amsterdam for a year and a half. He returned to Altuna where he was Niftar and buried.

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The Bray of Fundie said...

where is the Rebbe Reb Yonson Eibeschutz buried?

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