Sunday, September 12, 2010

R' Shmuel Gluck critisizes Yeshivos

In a little pamphlet written by R' Gluck he attacks publicly the yeshiva system. He says "in the yeshiva system they were taught to be gedolim before they reach the age of 20"

This attack on the sacred world of yeshiva should be publicly condemned and r' gluck should be reprimanded.

As Chazal say "Afra le'pumay"

His declaration that his Areivim project is affiliated with Kol Yaakov is UNTRUE as no one with authority at Kol Yaakov Has given blessing to that idea.

His "absolutes" about shalom bayis are childish and deceptive. One who is suffering from Sholom bayis problems needs to seek help from a True Gadol or someone proffesional. A Pamphlet writing Novice is a dangerous person to ask for guidance regarding Shalom Bayis.

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