Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rosh Chodesh Sivan - Rabbi Yitzchok Wolpin

The month of Sivan is here. On the first day of this month we arrived at Sinai. This is when and where the final preparations for the BIG event of Kabolas Hatorah (receiving the Torah) took place. We say in the Hagodo on Pesach that arriving at Sinai in itself was a tremendous event, and our sages teach us that Klal Yisroel arrived united as one man with one heart. (Ilu keirvonu lifnei Har Sinai Dayeinu).

King Solomon refers to the day of receiving the Torah as the day of a wedding. Our sages also refer to a phrase in Torah hinting to the same idea (תורה צוה לנו משה מורשה, אל תקרי מורשה אלא מאורסה). We all know that any wedding as small as it may be required preparation, and this is no small wedding. In the holy book Bais Ahron  it is repeated that the event of Kabolas Hatorah repeats itself every year. Although not with the same revelation as it was then, whereby everyone saw the thunders and the flames and the smoking mountain, yet it does occur on the Holiday of Shavuos. Specifically this year when we have a Shabbos just prior to Shavuos it is a greater opportunity to prepare ourselves spiritually for this great event.

May we all merit to prepare properly and utilize the next few days to strengthen our commitment to studying Torah and observing its mitzvohs.

A gutten Chodesh,

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolpin

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