Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cont'd from Yesterdays Editorial

Continued of...

How do I know? I don't. I can only look at the past ... at what Khadafy has done – and conclude that he will do the same in the future. He can be stopped. When president reagan retaliated for the La Belle attack by bombing Libya itself, Khadafy got the message and quieted down.

It would be productive if the Obama administration got its marbles out of its mouth. Its pronouncements have been all over the lot. Khadafy must go! but not if he doesn't want to. A member of the National Security Council has rightly called “The Obama doctrine” it goes like this “You first”!

President Obama has taken prudence to the point of  PROCRATINATION!

Obama & Khadafy are a mismatch. The president is a thinker, Khadafy is a killer. Unless Obama & the west do something there is a bloodbath coming.

Just ask the Cohens. Khadafy Killed their Daughter!!!

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