Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Sefer Grabs Attention of English Speaking Torah Community in The U.S.

The newly translated Sefer "Chovas Hatalmidim" written by the great Piaseczna Rebbe hy"d has become a great source of inspiration amongst the english speaking Torah community.

Published by Feldheim, this Sefer  has the original Loshon Kodesh side by side with the english translation.

This new Sefer gives the Rebbe's unparalleled chizuk a voice in our "Dor".

The Piaseczna Rebbe zt"l is a descendant of the Rebbe of Koshnitz zt"l.

The Rebbe inspired the broken souls in the ghettos during the Churban of Europe.

He was killed by the Nazis ym"sh on the fourth day of Cheshvon 5704 in a camp near Lublin.

The Rebbe hy"d often quoted his father the Imrei Elimelech zt"l who wrote “One who sacrifices himself for another Jewish soul is greater than one who gives his life for Hashem”.

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The Bray of Fundie said...

For the record this sefer has been available in English translation for well over a decade:

Yo may call it a New translation but "Newly translated" is inaccurate.

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